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100% Authentic

If you’re looking for a pretty picture in coordinated outfits at sunset at a park that you never actually visit as a family, I’m probably not the photographer for you.

On your best days, you bring grace and humor to this wild job called parenting.

Mostly chill

You’re happy when your kids are happy, but you also don’t sweat it when the tears and tantrums make an appearance. You embrace all of it as part of the gig.

You felt a sense of relief when you finally realized that none of us actually know what we’re doing (and any parent who claims they do is either lying or delusional).


You’re allergic to false pretenses and contrived beauty. You believe a pretty picture is worthless if it isn’t honest. You’ll take an honest and authentic record of your family’s life — the deep connections, emotional highs and lows, and every little detail that makes each of your family members unique — over a pretty picture any day of the week.

You're certain of one thing

Your children are growing older every single day and

The changes from day to day are imperceptible, but string all of those days together into months and years, and the loss of thigh chub, baby curls, toothless grins, belly laughs, & daddy snuggles are enough to stop you in your tracks.

Here's the thing. Parenting is the hardest job you've ever worked, and some days are a total thrash.

But peel back the layers of sleepless nights, blowout diapers, temper tantrums, endless bickering in the car, and you’ll find HOME.

Home is more than an address and four walls

Home is the strength, stability, comfort, acceptance, and love that you give your child because you embrace your authentic self, which in turn allows them to thrive.

You have never been more exquisitely beautiful than in the moments you embody home to your child

He believes in this photograph of you. She needs this photograph of you. You deserve to have this photograph of you.

Not next year, or when you lose 10 pounds, or move to a newer fancier house. Now, because your kids are already home.

Let’s make time stand still by documenting your ordinary, beautiful, real, everyday, completely awesome life.

Thank you for visiting. I’m happy you’re here. If this resonates with you, we just might be a match made in photography heaven!

Families all over the greater-Seattle area making me blush

Don't take my word for it

Kind words from happy clients

Shauna D.
"Thank you so much, Carrie. We ADORE our images. I was a little hesitant to book a hospital session because of being insecure about being photographed so soon after giving birth but I am so glad I did. Screw the insecurities! I cried while looking at the images for the first time and will truly treasure them forever!"

Shauna D.
Lake Stevens, WA
Rob H.
"That photoshoot was such a pleasure, and I still watch the slideshow video with a big smile. Thank you for your kindness, humor, and gorgeous work. My children are as beautiful in your photos as they are in my imagination."

Rob H.
Seattle, WA
Meghan M.
"I don't think I've been able to sufficiently express how grateful I am for the beautiful photographs you took for our family. They are exactly the kind of images I have dreamed of having. I know we will all enjoy looking back on these, many years from now, and remembering what it really felt like -- all of us packed into our sweet little house, three tiny boys with, two tired parents with big grins, and so much love."

Meghan M.
Seattle WA

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